I have been working with a camera since 2007 and with video since 2010. I have shot short films, music videos, commercials, and just silly random things throughout this time. I currently provide photos and video for the gym I go to, Endorphin. You can see my work throughout their social media and website. I also shoot a lot of promotional photos and live shows at Clocktower Cabaret.

Photos and videos from any type of project I have worked on are available upon request ( working on putting examples here…stay tuned, for now check out my YouTube channel or my photography page)


Promotional: $600.00

I do not limit the number of photos taken and I typically do not put time limits on sessions. We work until you get the shots you love. I include up to 10 edited photos and additional photos are $30.00 per extra edit.

After the session, I upload all the non bad photos ( I remove any mistakes from my side such as out of focus shots ) for you to select from and after you make your selections are made, I will edit them and provide a link for download. I also provide full resolution TIFF files upon request.

Shows or events: $300.00

I will warn you now that I will turn down a lot of these requests as live events are just not fun for me. The exception is shooting at the Clocktower Cabaret. I have worked shows there for years and do enjoy that venue.

I do not limit the number of photos for this service. All the photos I consider worthy are uploaded and provided via link for download.


I do not try and nickel and dime people and travel within reason is included. If it is an hour drive to get to the location, I will ask for travel time compensation.

Daily Rate: $600.00

This service includes all sorts of projects such as music videos, commercials, short films, etc. If you need someone to shoot your project and hand you the footage at the end of the day? I can do that too. I have my own lighting and video gear. We would discuss your project in detail to make sure we are both confident it can be done. All the projects I have done are on my own or assistance from one or two other people where needed. I have shot entire music videos in a day and short films over a weekend. Anything is possible with enough caffeine and inspiration.

Half Day Rate: $300.00

Same as above, but for a 5 hour session.

Editing: $100.00 per hour

I can take your existing footage and make a final product from it or take any footage I create for you and produce any result you need.

Live Events: $400.00

Same notes as for photography. I am not a live event person, but will do it under certain conditions. This will be a single camera engagement. If you would like more camera angles to cut between, an additional camera operator will be required.

If it’s just one camera angle, no editing is needed ( except basic trimming of project and coloring ) so includes final output.

Additional Camera Operator: $250.00